Panelists Podcast

I run a informal and infrequent comics and art podcast.  I interview creators whose work I admire, mostly because this is the best way that I personally can learn from artists who live all over the world.  But you can be the beneficiary of me grilling my guest about the craft and influences of their works!

Currently I am running the show off of under creative commons, since I want all of this material to be available to the future for academic research and casual curiosity.

One day, I would like to transcribe the highlights from some of these interviews and put up short zines of the really good stuff. But that’s a ways off. If you know anyone who would like to help me with this, please contact me, and we’ll work something out!

To see more information about each interview, click the link or little building thingy!

Victoria Grace Elliot Interview (November 23, 2013)
Read Victoria’s Comic “Balderdash!” here.

Panelists Laura Knetzger Interview (January 12, 2014)
Read Laura’s “Bug Boys” comics and more here.

Panelists Noora Heikkiä Interview (January 19, 2014)
Read Norra’s and Jonathan’s comic “Judecca” here.

Panelists G Pike Interview (March 21, 2014)
Read G’s comic “Title Unrelated” here.

Panelists Marissa Louise Interview (June 11, 2014)
Check out Marissa’s Website here.

Panelists Matthew Southworth Interview (July 14, 2014)
Check out Matt’s Website here.

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