About “Carpetbaggers” in “Double Fearture Horror #2”, Horror Haven Reviews says:

This story is the best of this installment of Horror Double Feature and is a great embodiment of horror in comics. From its creepy atmospheric art to its choice of creatures, it feels like a story straight out of Creepy or Eerie comics. The creatures in this story are the standouts, as they’re not your run of the mill monsters like vampires or werewolves. Instead the creatures are a play on rarely used Japanese monster. The art is the second standout with Latino’s black & white art, which gives an almost water color look. (click here for the full review…)

About iPad paintings, Comics Alliance says:

Latino shares his touch-art triumphs on his blog at His Wasp there is sting-you-in-the-head incredible and should have its own trading card somewhere. Like, seriously, Marvel should send him a check and buy the image. (click here for the full article…)

Featured in Comics Alliance’s Best Art Ever (This Week):

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